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Artificial Horizon – Press Release

Megatopia Films is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a feature film that draws attention to the real threat of antibiotic resistance.  This group of young British filmmakers are planning to film this post-apocalyptic thriller later this year in order to focus attention on what could happen if something isn’t done regarding the current overuse of antibiotics.

Artificial Horizon will have elements of ‘Contagion’ and the ‘The Road’, and many of the action sequences will be set on board a 747,” says Anthony Woodley the film’s director. “We love Sci-Fi. We love thrillers. And we love films that make you think,” Woodley adds. “So we are drawing on our passion and our skill to make a high quality, thought-provoking, action-packed film. While bringing you all the kicks of an edge of your seat thriller, we’re also basing our story around the very real and important issue of antibiotic resistance.”

The filmmakers have turned to Kickstarter, a crowd funding website which has successfully raised over $111 million for independent films. Luke Healy, the film’s producer says that “We are being cautious and hoping to raise a modest £17,500 on Kickstarter for pre-production”.  There has been some controversy recently about the use of Kickstarter by established Hollywood names like Zach Braff who has raised close to $3 million for his film project. “I sympathise with those who take issue with high profile names crowding out the small guys” Healy says, “but Kickstarter is an evolving funding platform and perhaps the two types of filmmakers can find a happy medium”.

Anthony Woodley, a “director to watch according to” MovieScope magazine, who’s film “Love, Inc.” won the Southern Royal Society award for best drama, comments that “it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance independent feature films, especially if you’re a young filmmaker.“ But he remains confident that Kickstarter will act as a springboard to get his film made.  “We are conscious that the final product, while having the polished finish of a Hollywood thriller, keeps all the charm and wit of a UK independent film.“

The team are aiming to cast well known US and British actors.  They have so far cast Hardeep Singh Kohli, a Scottish writer/comedian/broadcaster, to provide some comic relief. “We were concerned that the subject matter could come across as a bit heavy,” Woodley says, “and while antibiotic resistance is a very real threat which we want to bring attention to, we’ve worked hard on the script and there are some laughs along the way.”

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